Cologne, Germany

I had to go to Cologne and Velbert in Germany for work related appointments.  Fortunately it was a pretty good day with not to much rain pouring down from the skies.  No beautiful blue sky with a scenario cloud here and there, but no big complaints from me also.   Because i had searched the web already for some beautiful contemporary architecture, i knew where to go.   So, at about 18.00 pm i left my Hotel and 5 minutes later (make sure your Hotel is not to far away :-)) i was across the River.   Lots of people walking their dogs on the river's floodplain.

150226_HafenhausKeulenWEB (1 van 1).jpg

I placed my tripod, checked if everything was fine, placed my bubble level and my remote control.  After making sure i had the right exposure and everything was focussed, i set everything back to manual and switched off the auto-focus.  F11 and 1/40 of a second.  I first fired a bracketed shot of 5 shots with 1 stop between exposures.  Then i placed a 10ND filter and made an exposure for 40 seconds to get the water smooth.   After waiting for about 45 minutes (i needed some lights in the building) i did about 5 or 6 new shots and packed it up.

It was still early and because i have watched a workshop from a canadian (Mike Kelley) architectural photographer, about masking in photoshop, i thought to give it a try with my hotelroom.

So, this is my first attempt with masking.   The problem is often to get the right exposure for the view outside and also for the colors inside.  It is not possible to do that in one shot.  These are 5 shots. 1 exposed for the outside, one for the inside and three with flash to light a couple of highlights.  After blending them all together within photoshop, you get what you want.  Because i spend a lot of time in Hotel rooms, i think i make a little project of this.