Hotel photography

Photographing interiors can be tricky. You have to deal with light, is there a view, is the room tidy, are there any smudges, is the bed made etc etc.

Another point is often the tiny space. I have been in a lot of hotel rooms and on the outskirts the rooms are usually large, but in the inner-city the rooms are often tiny. There is not a lot of room to set the tripod.

You need the tripod, because to light a room i am making a bunch of pictures with different settings and also with fill-in flash. All to get every single thing exposed as it should be and put everything together in post-production.

The main goal is to get the picture as nice and “sellable” as possible. At the end it’s a marketingtool for the client to sell nights. Therefore it’s important to get it as clean and crisp as possible.

Granary house, Prague

Granary house, Prague