New Catalogue Artitec finished (nr. 6 2017)

The past year i did a number of productshots for Artitec.  Catalogueshots and hero shots as well as some architectural photography of projects.    About 80% of the pictures used in this massive 425 pages catalogue are made by yours truly.


Doorhandles are an overseen product, which you use everyday, but do not take much notice of.  For Artitec it's the core-product and they do take notice of the high quality and superior standards.

It's not an easy product to photograph, because they are reflective and mostly rounded, so that really everything reflects.  Every model reflects the surrounding different and has to be lighted in another way.  For the catalogue shots they also have to be directed the same way, which is with the reflectiveness not always the easiest.

Most of the models were shot with two studio strobes (Elinchrom) and flagged with white and black cardboard pieces.  Some were done with a cone.  All the models were clipped out and colour corrected.   A lot of hero shots are not used in this catalogue but will be used in separate productbrochures to highlight the design and quality of the products.

Artitec is a family owned company specialised in manufacturing architectural doorhardware.  The main material used for the products is stainless steel and Zamac. Artitec has customers in in more than 25 countries and their products are found in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Their programm contains doorhardware for private-homes, commercial buildings, hospitals etc. The products are tested and certified according different European norms like EN1906 (Class 3 & 4), EN179, DIN1125, DIN18273 etc.

Next to doorhandles they also are specialised in suicideprevention hardware and anti-bacterial hardware wich is used in (forensic) psychiatry and hospitals around the globe.

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